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"Construyendo La Nación: Community Building Campaign"

The following Community Building Campaign is a proposal. Anyone wishing to work on this campaing can contact us by e-mail, or:
P.O. Box 40376
Albuquerque, NM 87196


1. Work on Unity within and Allies
2. Removal of artificial divisions (labels, etc.)
3. Reduce/Eliminate drug and alcohol use
4. Economic development (small bus., traditional industry, etc.)
5. Promote health (prevention by healthy lifestyle)
6. Youth education/alternative schools
7. Adult education and literacy
8. Uplift women by eliminating sexism
9. Use of Spanish and other native languages
10. Assist in/promote the Organization of students, community and workers.

Anyone that decides to participate will be in contact with La Raza Unida and others doing the same work through an e-mail list or by regular mail, and telephone.

© 1996-8 Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida - Nuevo México