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Yes! I want to Get Involved with PNLRU!


Learn more about PNLRU in our Introduction.

I want to help build Partido Nacional La Raza Unida!
Help with the Website Today!:

  • E-mail a friend right now!
  • E-mail 10 friends about this site today!
  • Send us images that we can use on this site. Either to the NM address below or by e-mail to - We may not be able to return photographs, drawings or artwork. All images may not be used, but we'll try.
  • Translate parts of the site into Spanish
  • If you don't have a webpage, please use when you sign guestbooks
  • If you do have a website, link your website to us using these instructions


  • Join! La Raza Unida Today
  • Register to vote "La Raza Unida Party"
  • Talk to your friends about PNLRU
  • Form a Study Group (We will help with materials)
  • Start an Organizing Committee
  • Organize Information Tables (We will help with literature)
  • Register others to vote "La Raza Unida Party"
  • NON-TAX-DEDUCTABLE donations can be made payable to "Enrique Cardiel" at the New Mexico postal address.


Request Info

Partido Nacional La Raza Unida - National Office
P.O. Box 13
San Fernando, CA 91340

Partido Nacional La Raza Unida - Nuevo México
P.O Box 40376
Alburquerque, NM 87196

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