Our basic vision is of community. Of La Raza Unida as a caring and responsible family.

Our Policy Directions:

Our Policy Directions are our Principles applied to Politics. We believe that we need to carry on our heritage of expanding rights and opportunities. We owe most of our freedoms to those who worked before us. It is our responsibility to build a better future for following generations.

Democracy: Maximize community participation. Minimize concentrations of political, corporate, and media power. Establish and support publicly financed elections. Increase voter choice. Invest in civic education and participation.

Equal Rights: We support equal rights and fairness for all and in every area.

Peace: Promote peace and dialogue. Force is only a last resort in defense. Provide security and protection with these principles.

Family Friendly Economy: Support for people working for a living in order to support families. Eliminate below-poverty-wages. Create family friendly jobs. Family supports to encourage healthy families.

Health: Eliminate the social inequalities that create health inequalities. Provide health care for all.

Education: A vibrant, well-funded, and expanding public education system. High standards, support for staff, nurturance of children, and support parent involvement.

Early Childhood: Early experiences have high impact. Support high-quality early childhood education.

Environment: Poison-free communities. A clean, healthy, and safe environment for all. Healthy built environments that support safe and healthy communities.

Nature: Preserve our natural heritage for future generations.

Energy: Renewable energy. Energy independence from foreign oil. Look at how energy use impacts public health. Halt global warming. Energy conservation.

Openness: Open, efficient, and fair government.

Ethical Business: Support business practices that serve the common good and create common wealth.

Protections: Provide protections for children, families, consumers, retirees, and workers from unethical business practices and other threats.